Burrow means to search for something as by digging in....

Amongst 7.5 million population across the world each one of us stands unique. Is this a flaw or a characteristic? Burrow digs in the philosophy of good against bad, perfect against imperfect or right against wrong. Burrow aspires to find a balance between perfect and imperfect. It believes nobody is perfect and that imperfections are unique and inimitable.

We also got inspired from the Japanese art of mending broken pieces with gold and creating even more beautiful things.

Being sustainable and ethical should be our second nature in the current situation of our planet. So we decided not to use any chemicals for our dyeing and use natural herbs and hand dye our fabrics minimising pollution and carbon footprint.
This process also is unique and the results are always a little different from the previous making it precious. The herbs are found
out to be good for our skin too.


Bengal Ambuja Upohar

C2-1301, Floor 13

Kolkata, 700 094


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